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Before you get started with this website, there are a few things that I want to let you know. I made this website to be a trusted and go-to resource for you and the people that you’re working collectively and in solidarity with to build racially just schools. Doing the work of building racially just schools is not easy. However, it can be a beautiful and productive struggle, and for those of us who are committed to this work, I wanted to create a space that could help you wade through misinformation, quick-fix gimmicks, and any other simple solutions that don’t work. 

Besides, as a university professor who helps to train school principals and I wanted to create a space so that you can have a front row seat into what we know (and do) about the latest and foundational critical research on racial justice. 

Okay, now let me tell you what you can expect from this website.


My goal is to share with you one blog post per “weekish” or so. The blogs will be easy-to-understand, candid, and to the point. I’m going to keep it 100 with you! While your feelings are important, my goal is racial justice, not making you comfortable. So you can expect blog posts that will aim to challenge and extend your praxis and offer some suggestions about how you might work towards racial justice in the school-communities where you are. 


I have been a university professor for nearly a decade. Over the years of teaching, researching, and working with schools and districts, I have developed an array of resources and am always creating new ones. The goal is to fill this website with lots of useful resources that deepen and extend your work in building racially just schools. For now, this section will include very short videos, op-eds, and other resources. Thanks for your patience. 


My goal is to provide you with a series of online resources that can deepen you and your community’s learning in critical, transformative, and racially just ways. When this part of the website is fully up and running,  there will be short and longer courses to support your racial justice work. Until then, please complete the brief survey so that I know what courses and resources to make that will benefit you the most. 


1. Share your email. Thanks, I promise not to spam your inbox.
2. Once a week, I will send you an email about racially just schools. Plus I’ll send you a free mini video. (If you already signed up, there’s no need to do it again). 

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